Accellier is the provider of choice for thousands of people and hundreds of organisations in Australia and around the world. Under our former name SAVE Training, we built a solid foundation on which Accellier now stands, embodying almost 10 years of service to Australia’s Tertiary and Vocational Education Sector. As a testament to this, since our inception in 2010 we have spent only a few thousand dollars on advertising. Our clients are almost entirely referred from our happy graduates and business customers.

Accellier is the trading name of SAVE Training Pty Ltd and is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32395) that offers a range of nationally recognised courses in education and business Australia wide through our online and face to face courses.

Our mission is to enhance people’s value through excellence in service and learning outcomes.

For most 9-5ers, it’s difficult to imagine that between June and September 2018 in the early hours of the morning (we’re talking 1am – 9am!) an elite team of 14 supervisors and managers were busily achieving the latest updated versions of their TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualifications with an Accellier TAE facilitator!

Under our previous name SAVE Training, Accellier was invited to develop a training program to allow workers in a poultry processing plant to upgrade their TAE40110 qualifications to the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

The challenge in this case was that workers were all front-line managers working night and early morning shifts. Our team will go anywhere, anytime to be a part of a great learning experience though, and that’s exactly what we did for Baiada Poultry. The team from the Tamworth Processing Plant busied themselves completing a range of interactive sessions on designing and developing quality assessment and training.

We structured the course in two-hour blocks, once a week over a few months, from 1am – 3am, 4am – 6am and 7am – 9am to allow for minimum disruption and smaller more focused groups.

The Training Manager, Janelle Miller, said that because the course was delivered in shorter sessions over a longer period, it allowed production to flow and enabled staff to attend.

One of the managers John Morriss added that one of the best aspects of the course was the use of real life examples. “The instructor was hands on and didn’t give us the answers but pushed us in the right direction to come to our own understanding.” Another successful graduate Mohammed Hasseb continued that the flexibility was really important for him. “The instructor was helpful, efficient, professional and encouraging.”

Accellier carefully crafted the program to make it as relevant as possible to poultry processing. “One of the benefits of delivering a course to a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals is the ability to adapt the program to their industry. This keeps everyone involved and included, and gives us plenty of familiar territory to build new knowledge and skills on” said Paul Pellier, our lead trainer for this project.

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a highly valued qualification as it is Australia’s de facto standard for training and assessing regardless of the industry. People who hold this qualification are equipped with a toolkit of skills, knowledge and tactics to be effective trainers, and fair, reliable, ethical and professional assessors. Trainers with the certificate are excellent communicators and able to adapt their delivery styles to fit with an extremely diverse workforce. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment raises the bar and standardises the quality of training that happens across an organisation like this one.

Accellier wish to thank Baiada and the participants in the course for their tireless efforts and congratulations to all on a job well done. They well and truly earned this qualification.