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If you’re from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you’ll know how challenging it can be to find amazing industry-experienced trainers who also hold a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

RTOs recruiting trainers often struggle to find the person in the centre of the diagram below.

Previously, RTOs could employ someone who was an exceptional industry practitioner without a TAE credential, as a trainer, under supervision.

Since 2019, new requirements in the Standards for RTOs mean supervised trainers must meet additional requirements.

Venn Diagram illustrating a common dilemma when recruiting trainers


What must an RTO do to supervise a trainer without a TAE?

As a prominent TAE provider, we often hear about the challenges RTOs face in finding exceptional trainer talent.

So how can you bring a stellar industry champion in as a trainer?

  1. Firstly, your industry experienced professional must complete one of the TAE skill sets under Clause 1.18. We wrote about it in detail in this article. By far, the most straightforward is the TAESS00014 Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set. We even have a special package arrangement for that, plus the full TAE Cert IV available here.
  2. Once they hold the appropriate TAE skill set, a supervision plan must be put in place and monitored.

Don’t have a plan? We’ve got you covered – see below.


Free Policy + Supervision Plan Template Pack

If, as an RTO employer, you want an out of the box trainer supervision policy, procedure and plan template, here’s one you can use for free:

Trainer Supervision Policy Document for RTOs (thumbnail)

Trainer Supervision Policy

Trainer Supervision Plan Document for RTOs (thumbnail)

Trainer Supervision Plan Template



Feel free to steal it, adapt it, integrate it with your existing systems – no permission needed. Though if you do find it useful, please keep Accellier Education in mind for your TAE Trainer qualifications.


How to use

Great care has been taken to ensure this tool will help RTOs comply nicely with the requirements of clauses 1.17 – 1.20 of the Standards for RTOs 2015. It has been painstakingly mapped to these requirements. Please note however, it comes with no guarantee of any kind. There is no magic bullet for compliance. It’s just a helpful tool that when used/adapted properly, may help you comply.

This tool assumes your RTO already has a robust process in place to manage trainer compliance (i.e. meeting your obligations under Clauses 1.13 to 1.16 – “Employ skilled trainers and assessors.”)

  1. Download the documents and edit to fit with your RTO’s style-guide. To make it easier, simply do a ‘find-and-replace’ for [RTO Name] including the brackets, substituting with your RTO’s name.
  2. Identify your industry professional who you want to be supervised. They are referred to in the documents as the supervised trainer, or trainer.
  3. Make sure they hold at least the TAESS00014 Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set. A special package arrangement for that, plus the full TAE Cert IV is available here.
  4. Identify your supervisor, ensuring they are appropriately qualified to do so (i.e., they will need their TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment along with the other requirements of the standards).
  5. Complete the plan template, in consultation with all relevant parties, ensuring all are in agreement with the implications of such a plan.
  6. Obtain signatures showing agreement and save a copy, along with all relevant evidence in the usual place that you store all of your trainer files.

Don’t ‘set-and-forget!’

This is a way to get an awesome industry person in front of your students. It should not be a permanent trainer arrangement.

If the supervised trainer is going to stick around for a while and provide ongoing training at your RTO, they should commence working toward their full TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as soon as possible.

Once working under supervision at an RTO, the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment becomes a much easier qualification to complete.

Get your industry trainers qualified

If you’d like to help your industry experienced people gain one of the TAE skill sets, let us know below and we’ll discuss your needs.

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