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Becoming a TAFE or Adult Education Teacher

There are hundreds of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that offer Nationally Recognised Training, including TAFE, private, community and enterprise providers.

These training organisations operate in what’s called the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

There is something common to all VET providers

They need teachers. Industry experienced teachers.

This system only works if the people doing the teaching are experienced industry professionals. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges for TAFEs and private providers – how to get people with industry experience to teach the students?

Do you have to go to university for 4 years like a school teacher? Do you need a degree?


Here’s where the Vocational Education sector is different. It’s not academic. It’s all about industry.

You could be the most inspiring, engaging and qualified professor in the world, you might even have a PhD. But without lots of real-world industry experience, you’re not going to get very far as a TAFE teacher, or trainer at an RTO.

Think about it. If you were a student in a TAFE course, who do you want as your teacher?

Industry Experienced Professionals being trainers and assessors vs. Grumpy academic guy

Is it the academic boffin? Or the industry experienced professional who’s the best TAFE teacher?


What qualifications do TAFE/VET Teachers need?

TAFE teachers, RTO trainers, community college teachers, enterprise training professionals and anyone else teaching nationally recognised training must hold the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification.

As described above, they also need to be able to demonstrate significant experience in the area they want to teach.

Here are just a few examples of when an industry worker might choose to do a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Retail worker becomes TAFE Teacher
Josh has worked in retail since he was 16. He’s had a lot of experience working in a range of different retail stores from fashion to sporting equipment, as well as 2 years working at Kmart. Josh has more recently held assistant manager and store manager roles.

Josh is amazing with people and after 12 years in retail he decided he was ready for a new challenge – one that built on his existing expertise.

He saw a job listing for Retail Trainers at TAFE and went to apply. He aced all the requirements except one; “Applicants must hold TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.”

Not to be deterred, he did his research and found a reputable provider of the TAE40116. As much of the course was delivered online, it meant he could keep doing retail shifts while completing his Cert IV. In between work and family commitments he chipped away at the course over 8 months.

When he graduated with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, the original job posting for retail trainers was gone, however he thought he’d call the local TAFE and asked to speak with the Head Teacher of Business and Retail.

It turns out they were still looking for good casual retail trainers and Josh is now teaching students in the Certificate III in Retail course.

Injured Mechanic becomes Teacher

Brent is passionate about cars and has been a mechanic since he left school in year 10 to do his apprenticeship. After over 25 years on the job he was struggling due to back and neck injury. It was a pretty tough outlook for Brent. Long days in the workshop were getting painful and difficult. He knew there had to be some way he could make use of his years of experience with cars, in a way that wasn’t going to cause more pain and damage to himself.

The workplace training assessor who often came to the workshop to assess the younger apprentices got talking with Brent one day and said he should consider looking into teaching at TAFE. He said they struggled to find good trainers who are keen spend a bit of time off the tools.

He enrolled in a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The training provider where he enrolled gave him the option of completing one of the skill sets first, the TAESS00014 “Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set.” This allowed Brent to start teaching under supervision part time to begin with.

Brent was teaching Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, part time, while he continued completing his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. When he graduated from the full Cert IV he already had significant teaching experience and felt very comfortable in front of a group of young up-and-coming mechanics. He was invited to teach other classes too and now works as a full time TAFE teacher.

Naturally, you will still catch Brent tinkering in the workshop on a weekend.


Are you interested in becoming a trainer?

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